Central Texas Natural Beauties

One of my long life passion, other than photography, is cooking. And one of the key component to amazing dishes is fresh produce. A few years ago, as an attempt to have a hobby that didn’t involve a computer, a camera or any electronics,  I started gardening. As most of us, I dread having to go to the grocery store and I always dreamt of growing my own food. In the past, my experience with living plants had been a disaster: I was incapable of keeping a houseplant alive more than two weeks. But, after some intensive online reading and research, trial and errors (some involving deer), and lots of sunburns, I managed to grow some of my favorite veggies:  lettuce, kale, tomatoes, eggplants, peanuts, carrots, green beans and many others.  Gardening in Central Texas is indeed challenging but the overall results are mostly very rewarding: from fresh arugula in the winter to juicy tomatoes in the summer, there is nothing like picking your homegrown veggies right before cooking them. Another fun side effects of gardening is the beneficial insects it attracts. I had never been very curious or interested in bugs before I started gardening, but I now needed to know who was who, and what was their roles. In the process, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful colors and shape of these amazing little creatures (in addition to their other vital functions), and of course, the camera and the macro lens had to come out! I feel extremely lucky to being able to live with and watch butterflies, lady bugs, spiders and other colorful insects wonder around the flowers and plants I planted for them, and for me, to brighten my days. These are true natural beauties made right here, in Central Texas! Enjoy!


PS: Support your local bugs: plant some flowers/plants/herbs/tree for insects to explore and give them a chance to do what they do best :)