Guide to lingerie for your boudoir photography

Guide to lingerie for your boudoir photography session


A corset is held together by lacing, which can be tighten in the back to narrow the waist and shape the body into a classic hourglass figure. The corset is waist flattering and is perfect for someone who wants to hide her stomach. Corsets look good on all body types.


A teddy is a one-piece undergarment that looks like a bodysuit without sleeves. High-cut teddy make legs look longer and is very flattering.


A bustier is strapless form-fitting garment and its purpose is to push up the bust to create cleavage.

Waist Cincher

A waist cincher is a bustier or corset without the top. It is most flattering on women with flat stomachs.


Babydoll or negligee is a nighhwear that is loose fitted. Unless they are sheer, these are usually not flattering for a boudoir photography session as they tend to hide the shape of body.


Make sure to select a bra that fits properly so there is no gap between the breast and the bra. Padded bras do not look as good as bras with softer cups and underwire, such as the ones selected in the board below.

Body Slimmers

Body slimmers look classic while keeping everything in place. They create a beautiful silhouette!

High-waist bottoms

For a vintage look, high waist bottoms look great!


If you would like to wear stockings, try to select the ones without the rubber inserts as these tend to squeeze the legs (not flattering) and are usually harder to attach to the garter belt.


The higher the heel, the longer your legs will look. Nude shoes look great as they look like an extension of your legs.

Julie Moore